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Opened in 1979 Thomson Medical Centre Limited provides various healthcare services for women and children. The company owns and operates a hospital that offers obstetrics, gynecology, and pediatric services; tertiary healthcare services in the areas of neo-natal and adult intensive care; a range of medical, surgical, therapeutic, and preventive healthcare services; and inpatient services, such as accommodation, nursing procedures, and operating theatres and delivery suites. It also provides outpatient services, including diagnostic imaging, colposcopy services, fetal assessment services, laboratory services, specialist outpatient clinics, health screening, healthy ageing, weight management service.

They are renowned for pioneering the hotel service concept of providing quality medical service and outstanding patient care in a home-like environment, and have the expertise to care for and support mothers through their joyous yet complex months of pregnancy and childbirth, and continue to provide necessary guidance on care for their babies post-delivery.



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แพทย์ที่ Thomson Medical Centre

Dr Adelina Wong
Dr Adelina Wong


  • MBBS (Singapore) 1992,
  • MRCOG (London, UK) 1997,
  • FAMS 2006
สูตินรีเวช เวชศาสตร์การเจริญพันธุ์
Dr Aidan Yeo
Dr Aidan Yeo


  • B.D.S. (Singapore),
  • M.D.S. (OMS),
  • F.R.A.C.D.S.(Australia),
  • F.A.M.S.


Dr. Aidan Yeo graduated from the National University of Singapore. He served for two years as a dental officer at the National Dental Centre before embarking on a three year residency program in Oral Maxillofacial Surgery. He graduated with a Masters of Dental Surgery (Oral Maxillofacial Surgery) and was also admitted as a fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons.

Subsequently completing his advanced specialty training, Dr. Yeo was admitted as a Fellow in the Academy of Medicine, Singapore and registered as a Specialist in Oral Maxillofacial Surgery.

Dr. Yeo is well versed in many aspects of Oral Maxillofacial Surgery. He has special interest in the areas of dental implantology and orthognathic surgery, both of which help patients tremendously in improving function, appearance and quality of life.

Dr Ang Poon Liat
Dr Ang Poon Liat


  • MBBS (NUS),
  • Master of Medicine (Paediatrics, NUS),
  • MRCP – PAEDS (UK),
  • FAMS,
  • MD (Singapore)


A paediatrician in Thomson Paediatric Centre based at Thomson Medical Centre since 1978.

Dr Ang Poon Liat completed his education and began his career in 1972. He had explored several years of practice before selecting paediatrics – a sub-specialty where he could help children grow into healthy young adults. Dr Ang holds numerous accolades in his count, including his pursuance in a medicine degree at the University of Singapore.

Besides paediatric practice he runs two additional clinics: one for Autism Spectrum Disorders, and the other for Anti-Ageing. His special interest is nutrition and its impact on health, behaviour and ageing.

He has written a set of two books on nutrition dedicated to mothers. They are written with a social agenda: to improve the knowledge of good nutrition and the skill to use good food for promoting health. They were launched in July 2015. The first book is “The Wonders of Nutrition” and the second is “The Roadmaps to Recovery”.

Dr Ashley Thean
Dr Ashley Thean


  • B.D.S (Melbourne)


Dr Thean, a graduate of University of Melbourne, has always placed great emphasis on her patients’ care and comfort during their treatment. Her special interest in childrens’ dentistry makes her focus on maintaining a kind and gentle approach with her young patients at all times.

During her undergraduate years, Dr Thean was awarded the William J. Tuckfield Prize for her outstanding performance in restorative dentistry. A major accomplishment for her was being placed on the Dean’s List for High Achievement. Topping that accolade, one of Dr Thean’s research papers, submitted as an undergraduate, was selected to be published in the Australian Dental Journal.

Dr Thean gained her early years of experience in private practice, treating a broad spectrum of patients of all socio-economic backgrounds in rural Australia. She keeps up to date by pursuing continued educational programs such as the 35th Australian Dental Congress in Melbourne. Dr Thean hopes to make every experience for her patients, a positive one.

Dr Audrey Tan Wei Hsia
Dr Audrey Tan Wei Hsia


  • MBBS,
  • MRCP (UK),
  • FAMS (Dermatology)


Dr Audrey Tan completed her basic medical education (MBBS) at the National University of Singapore in 1996. After receiving her postgraduate degree in Internal Medicine (MRCP, UK) in 2000, she specialized in Dermatology, achieving her specialist accreditation in Dermatology in 2004 (FAMS).

Dr Tan trained in various aspects of Medical and Inpatient Dermatology at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada in 2005 and 2006 under the Human Manpower Development Programme of the Ministry of Health. During her fellowship she also participated in Dermatology research related to connective tissue diseases and rheumatological diseases.

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23 June 2018
I am no medical expert- but the delivery experience is disappointing and worrying for us as first time parents. 1. Admitted at midnight based on Gynae's recommendation after 2cm dilation (38 weeks 0 days) was assessed in the morning routine check-up. Clinic says contractions are regular, but wife could not feel them. Dilation was still 2cm when we checked in as per gynae instructions around midnight. Wife was not feeling any contractions. No waterbag burst, No bloody show. Thomson did not explain to us anything and proceeded to induce over 16-17 hrs, before the gynae asked us to go for emergency c-Sect. 2. Gynae consistently estimated a median size baby during our routine visits and estimated birth weight of 3.1kg in the morning. Baby was born low weight (i.e <2.5kg). Does not seem to me (from 1&2) that the baby was ready to come out. We were informed that there are higher risk associated w low weight babies, which further made us worried. No explanation given to us by anyone. 3. Total hospital bill over the 3 days was more than $20k (This also includes a $4k doc fee (only) for removing a small cyst which the gynae said she found, and sought permission to remove without stating price, when stitching up. Cyst eventually turned out not to be an issue after microscopic test) 4. Cryoviva sales agent all around Thomson (including the clinic areas) selling their cord blood packages, which annoys me. Sales content is different from what u hear from Singapore Cord Blood Bank. No more Thomson for me again.
herman chong

10 June 2018
Update on Health Products. One of the top 3 ,SG child birth Medical center.
Brian Manley

28 May 2018
Very slow service, not nearly as responsive as other hospitals. They have far more patients than they have capacity for. Expect to wait at least an hour for your queue number to be called. UPDATE: the staff has apologized for the long delay and has promised to do better in future. FURTHER UPDATE: If you are taking the shuttle from Novena MRT, you must watch for the shuttle like a hawk and push your way in as soon as the doors open. It won't be easy to spot the shuttle, because it will be plastered with advertisements for cord blood freezing, supplements, etc. The word "Thomson" will probably be written somewhere in tiny text. If you see a shuttle for Cryoviva, that's probably the Thomson shuttle. As soon as the doors open you must force your way on, lest the driver close the door in your face, as he did to my pregnant wife. Apparently he is eager to finish his route so he can take a smoking break, so he won't always let all the passengers on before driving away.
AL Tan

21 May 2018
Very slow service, take ages to attend to my wife after she gave birth. Nurses are not helpful in briefing my wife the dos and don’ts after a cesarean procedure. Nonetheless, the nurses in the observation room are very professional and polite.
Shyue Chou Chuang

03 April 2018
I used to come here for annual medical checkups about a decade or more ago. The service was decent and I recommend it.
Lay Sim

21 March 2018
Modern and complete thirtory private general hospital with advanced technology and facilities for all specialities including 24 hours accident emergency services. Especially famous for Obstetrics and Paediatric services. Free wifi. Friendly cosy comfy welcoming attentive caring ambience for romantic intimates groups students tourists Expats and families.
Laura A

14 March 2018
For the childbirth part, Wards have barely any natural light. The place is cold and the doors do not have proper isolation. Too may ppl come in and out of the mother s room when all she needs is some rest... THE BABY : took my baby to the pediatric clinic for vaccination and we had to wait close to 2 Hours!!- In Ac room with other 20 sick children. She got the flu twice! I' ve had it. I appreciate the doctor, but they need to implement an sms service like sgh or any other clinic and allow parents to go out with their kids and come back few minutes before their turn. Awful experience.. If it weren't for the nurses i' d give it 1 star.. The hospital needs upgrading.

24 January 2018
One of the most affordable place to deliver your baby, nurses are good and doctors (depends on who you get) parking wise is abit horrible thou. Crazy prices yet always full. Either you valet or Park opposite at the hdb and walk over via the bridge.
riri iriyanto

25 October 2017
Thomson Medical Centre Limited is a 190-bed private hospital located at Thomson Road in Singapore. The hospital specialises in gynaecology and in vitro fertilisation. Thomson Medical Centre runs a 24-hour outpatient family clinic, as well as a range of specialist clinics
Lukas Kwan

31 July 2017
Respected private maternity hospital! Famous for childbirth as well as other specialties. Choice for the overseas elites. Professional caring friendly cosy ambience with facilities.
Zoe Tian

13 June 2017
I gave birth to 2 kids here with some pregnancy complications. I am very grateful for the care of DR W K Tan and all her personal nurses! The team deserves 5 stars but I reserve one due to the admin staff. Recently, I booked an appointment on Thomson homepage. When I called up the clinic 3 days in advance only to find that DR W K Tan's admin staff or system did not integrate with the hospital or something. I called up the counter, the lady tried to offer a few time slots. When I decided not to book, i was given the take-it or-leave-it attitude again.


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