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Kidney Stones Treatment - Central Area, Central

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Mount Elizabeth Hospital was opened in 1979 and is a private Hospital and is part of the Parkway Holdings stable of hospitals. There are 345 beds, 20 Wards, 8 VIP Suites in suites, 1 day surgery ward with 32 beds, 1 intensive care unit (ICU) with 24 beds, 1 high dependency unit (HDU) with 10 beds,1 neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) with 12 cots, 1 major operating theatre with 13 operating rooms and 1 for in vitro fertilization (IVF), 1 delivery suite with 7 delivery rooms and a 4-bedded 1st stage room. The Royal Suite was previously built by the Brunei royal family for their own use but is now open to other patients.

They offer a wide range of in-house medical services, led by leading medical specialists and staff. The Hospital is home to one of the largest concentration of cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, neurologists and neurosurgeons from across the region.



การรักษาที่ Mount Elizabeth Hospital

การทำเด็กหลอดแก้ว (IVF)

แพทย์ที่ Mount Elizabeth Hospital

Dr. Chee Tek Siong
Dr. Chee Tek Siong
Dr.Lee  Eu Jin
Dr.Lee Eu Jin

Dr Lee Eu Jin is an orthopaedic surgeon practising at Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore. He specialises in joint reconstruction and sports surgery for the hip and knee, joint replacement surgery, including total hip replacement, total and partial knee replacement. He is also able to perform arthroscopic key-hole surgery, arthroscopic ligament reconstruction of the knee, minimally invasive techniques, and computer aided surgery.

Dr. Chew  Christopher
Dr. Chew Christopher

Dr Chew graduated with MBBChir from Cambridge University, England. He obtained a First Class Honours in Medical Sciences Tripos while he was an undergraduate at Cambridge. He is Fellow of the Royal Colleges of Physicians of London and Edinburgh as well as Fellow of the American Colleges of Cardiology, Medicine and American Heart Association.

Dr. Chia  Stanley
Dr. Chia Stanley

Dr Chia, Stanley Dr Stanley Chia is an experienced interventional cardiologist and physician with expertise in managing complex coronary artery disease and a variety of cardiovascular conditions. Dr Chia currently runs his clinical practice at Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre, Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre and Gleneagles Medical Centre. He is a visiting consultant at National Heart Centre Singapore, Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, Gleneagles Hospital, and Parkway East Hospital.

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Bryen Yap

20 August 2018
Staying here is no cheap. Mostly patients that comes here are usually foreigners . The hospital have a lot of individual doctor clinics. Then the patient will stay in the hospital. The environment is a lot better than government hospital. But of cost, the money u pay also different
Beverly Koh

12 May 2018
Nurses - Excellent! Very caring. Butler - Better than any 5 star hotel and restaurants. Superb! Room Attendants - They make your day and clean the room sparkling clean. No worries about germs. A&E - not more than 10 patients but reception service is akin to old folks home - assigned the wrong specialist despite referral letter and verbal reminders from us. RMO - WOW Thumbs Up! Unlike SGH, very skillful in needle insertion. Surprisingly more professional than the old specialist that came. Doctors - Depends on who you get. We had upon admission informed the hospital about my girl's asthmatic cough condition and the first doctor had advised us to return home to fetch her asthma medicine back to the hospital immediately. I went to fetch her medicine at 3am. The next doctor who took over the treatment of my daughter diagnosed with pneumonia, was very senior and old. When my daughter was about ready for discharge, she came down with an asthma attack. This is when I found out that during the entire treatment of pneumonia, for 7 days, her asthma medicine has been completely removed - in fact locked up in a cabinet. We all panicked. RMO rushed down at midnight to check her but did not dare offer asthma medication despite the loud wheezing because it would run counter to the earlier doctor's instructions - which was to have it removed. My daughter wheezed through the night with no asthma medicine. The next day, we received a defensive lecturing instead of an apology for locking up the poor child's asthmatic medicine - without parent's knowledge. But why? We were wondering. We were speechless upon being told that asthma medicine was " not necessary " in this doctor's earnest opinion. The next doctor who came to salvage my gal was a great comfort to us. He is well versed in both treatment of pneumonia and asthma. His nurse promptly delivered the asthma medicine to the ward personally. My girl got much better and could finally be discharged. This doctor is a very lovely and intelligent doctor with his heart in the right place. His rates are very reasonable. He advised us to make sure asthma medicine be taken on a daily basis - and we know we finally got the right doctor. :)

03 April 2018
Admission is slow and paper work is lengthy. Two bedded room is pretty small, the room can get very rowdy when there’s too much visitors. No head phone provided for the TV, you cannot really watch with raised volume as it will disturbed your neighbouring bed. You can only watch it using subtitle. Plus point, locker and safe box provided in the room. Food wise, selection is wide and food is tasty. I wonder if it is because it is at Orchard road or there’s really a lot of patients, but ground level is always crowded. Ground level feels more like a shopping mall than hospital. I was in the isolation room as I was admitted to other hospital before admitted here. If I were to compare, infection control seems to be have some gaps. Visitors were not asked to put on mask when entering. I was not asked to put on mask when leaving the room. The door was always left open. Services is consider average for the price I have paid for.
Mohammad Ahsan

15 February 2018
One of the best hospitals I went to. I have a very long medical history have been treated in 4 different countries for brain surgery. My last one was in Mt. Elizabeth hospital. Their service and treatment is world class. Highly recommend this hospital for any treatment, not just brain issues
Noor Muhammad

08 January 2018
One of the best hospital which has the best medical facilities available. People across the globe visit this place to get the treatment. I brought my son for the brain surgery and am fully satisfied from the treatment here.


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