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Imperial Dental Specialist Center ใน กัวลาลัมเปอร์, มาเลเซีย

The Imperial Dental Specialist Center was established in 2013, they offer many services ranging from simple dental procedures through to skeletal, soft tissue and neuro-muscular issues, and no dental condition is too big or small.

The team consists of eight qualified doctors, surgeons and medical staff. The dentists and specialists have been schooled all over the world, with decades of collective experience in their chosen disciplines and specialties.

Surgical and non-surgical solutions are available to create unique treatment plans and a brand new smile for each client. Three core specialties include implant and orthodontics, smile design and Invisalign.

The team at Imperial Dental welcomes foreign tourists and also specializes in pediatric dentistry to treat the entire family at affordable prices.



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แพทย์ที่ Imperial Dental Specialist Center

Dr. How Kim Chuan
Dr. How Kim Chuan
Dr. Su Wei Siong Raymond
Dr. Su Wei Siong Raymond
Dr. Salima Mansur Ali
Dr. Salima Mansur Ali
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Kristina Chesnokova

15 May 2018
Very professional and experienced doctors! I'm a dentist myself and highly recommend this place!
Sheryl CK

18 March 2018
My wisdom teeth extractions were painless and best of all, my face doesn’t swell. Thanks to Dr How for everything! I’ll definitely recommend anyone to do their wisdom tooth extraction with Dr How. The staffs at this clinic is friendly as well.. �
Ivy Mah

10 February 2018
My daughter just finished her braces treatment. The result is amazing. Thanks for Dr How and his team professionalism.
Jackie Thanasi

25 January 2018
Today I had my last procedure at Imperial Dental Specialist. I am so impressed and happy with the work that has been done. The service is excellent, I highly recommend Imperial Dental Specialist to all. Pricing for procedures are fantastic. I would like to thank all the Doctors, nurses and staff for an amazing experience and incredible results. I love my new teeth. X
Patricia Ching

15 January 2018
Cannot speak more highly of the people and place never enjoyed the dentist before but would not hesitate in recommending them as a very professional friendly gentle place where the clients needs are always first
Tim Costello

13 January 2018
Went to Imperial today with my partner and we were treated like VIPs by Dr Raymond and his team. His attention to detail is second to none and with very fair prices. I totally recommend Dr Raymond and the whole dental practice unreservedly!
Garry Beck

03 December 2017
We had an xray and 30+ minute consultation with Dr Raymond Su Wei Siong. He spent considerable time on our examination and was very informative. We had been told that considerable work was needed at huge cost but Dr Raymond conviced us that no immediate treatment was needed. Total cost about a third of Australia. Excellent and highly recommend.
Chris Mita

17 August 2017
I bought my son over for 5 root canals and an extraction as well as an expert opinion on what my son needed to do to to keep his teeth in great condition. We were very pleased with what was done and would have no hesitation in returning for more work. A great experience for my son as he is very hesitant when it comes to dentists and he was kept at ease through all procedures. Thank You very much. OH!!! and it was less than half the price we were quoted in NZ.
Elaine Piah YL

08 August 2017
"While deciding to take up the invisalign, I was worried, will it be as painful as braces? As I have seen my friends Racheal choong using the dental braces before, I knew the pain while wearing it. But to my utter surprise, even after 1 month of using this incredible invisalign treatment, I have never experienced any unbearable pain or discomfort. I can surely tell that, along with the design and look improvement, invisalign is much more user convenient then anything else." Thank You
Renee Ho

17 July 2017
The best Dentist I ever met! I been a patient to see Dentist since young age and Dr. How is the best and most professional and humble Dentist that I ever met. The instruments and technologies that using in Imperial were also comparatively more high tech with other clinic. You can see the quality and their good customer service that really impressive!
Bernice Leaw Yoke Feong

30 June 2017
While in general the service is decent, I don't like it that even with appointments made, I still need to wait for a very long time before it's my turn. I just waited an hour today and still didn't get to see the dentist. What's the point of making appointment then? Please respect your patients' time. Your patients are your customers!
Daniel Griffin

21 March 2017
I'm from Australia here on business, I chipped my front tooth and hated how it looked and felt in my mouth Dr How had it fixed , feeling and looking great in half an hour and a good price. Now I want him to fix other problems with my teeth.
Khong Lai Jing

02 March 2016
Dr. Raymond Su extracted my wisdom tooth and he really did a great job. He is very professional and explained everything steps to me in patience. I have to praise Dr. Raymond for his excellent care and expertise in my treatment. Highly recommend him for dental care and treatment. All the staff are very friendly and courteous. I appreciate the good quality dental care at Imperial Dental Specialist Centre.


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