Sikarin Hospital

Procedure ID: BK-1204
Heart Valve Replacement
$ 24,658
Heart Valve Replacement - Bang Na, Bangkok

Highlights at Sikarin Hospital

Heart Valve Replacement at Sikarin Hospital

Heart Valve Replacement procedures are available at Sikarin Hospital and the prices range between $24,658 and $24,962. Sikarin Hospital is located in Bang Na, Bangkok, Thailand and performs 108 procedures across 16 specialties. It is 22.1 Km away from the Suvarnabhumi Airport and was established in January of 1993.

Sikarin hospital, established in 1993, truly values maintaining trust with the public, which is why they operate with such integrity and professionalism. They offer a wide range of tertiary care and cosmetic surgeries and are proud to have achieved JCI accreditation in 2012.

The hospital houses over 240 beds and offers full in-patient and out-patient services. On top of their JCI accreditation, the hospital is also ISO:9001 certified and locally certified by the Hospital Accreditation of Thailand.

Situated on the Eastern side of Bangkok, the hospital is just a short taxi ride from the airport - a service which they offer to all medical tourism patients. With their dedicated International Patients Department, hotel style rooms and suites with VIP options, the Sikarin hospital truly caters towards the medical tourist.

Facility Services

Airport pickup
Document legalisation
Family accommodation
Flight booking
Free Wifi
Health insurance coordination
Hotel booking
International newspapers
Interpreter services
Local transportation booking
Medical travel insurance
Parking available
Phone in the room
Private rooms for patients available
Religious facilities
Safe in the room
Special dietary requests accepted
Translation services
TV in the room

Available Procedures at Sikarin Hospital

Carotid Endarterectomy
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Breast Lumpectomy
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View Details
Hernia Repair
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Cervical Sympathectomy
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View Details
View Details
Anal Fistula Surgery
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Cervical Cautery
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Dilation and Curettage
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View Details
View Details
Tubal Ligation Reversal
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Ovarian Cyst Removal
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Bariatric Surgery Consultation
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Gastric Sleeve
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Gastric Bypass Surgery
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Gastric Band Surgery
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Abdominal Ultrasound
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Chest X-Ray
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CT Scan (Computed Tomography)
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MRI Scan (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)
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Eyelid Surgery
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Plastic Surgery Consultation
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Nipple Correction Surgery
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Nipple Reduction
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Buccal Fat Extraction
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Areola Reduction
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View Details
View Details
Chin Augmentation
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Breast Implant Removal
View Details
Cheek Augmentation
View Details
View Details
Neck Lift
View Details
Arm Lift
View Details
View Details
Breast Augmentation
View Details
Breast Implants
View Details
Butt Lift
View Details
Thigh Lift
View Details
Breast Lift
View Details
View Details
Varicose Veins Treatment
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View Details
Brazilian Butt Lift
View Details
Forehead Contouring
View Details
Breast Reduction
View Details
Mommy Makeover
View Details
Belt Lipectomy
View Details
Buttock Augmentation
View Details
Body Lift
View Details
Breast Reconstruction
View Details
Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS)
View Details
Fat Transfer
View Details
Vaser Liposuction
View Details
Male Health Checkup
View Details
Medical Examination
View Details
Female Health Checkup
View Details
View Details
Pediatric Tongue-Tie Surgery
View Details
View Details
Sinus Surgery
View Details
View Details
View Details
Heart Valve Replacement
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Cardiology Consultation
View Details
Coronary Angioplasty
View Details
Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) Surgery
View Details
Electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG)
View Details
Heart Arrhythmia - Catheter Ablation
View Details
Coronary Angioplasty
View Details
Aortic Valve Repair
View Details
View Details
View Details
View Details
View Details
Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography (ERCP)
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In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)
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Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)
View Details
Egg Freezing
View Details
View Details
View Details
Kidney Stones Treatment
View Details
Hydrocele Testis Treatment
View Details
Reverse Vasectomy
View Details
Prostate Biopsy
View Details
View Details
View Details
Transurethral Resection of the Prostate (TURP)
View Details
Laser Treatment for BPH (Enlarged Prostate)
View Details
View Details
Simple Orchiectomy
View Details
View Details
Spinal Disc Herniation Treatment
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Bone Fracture Treatment
View Details
Metal Implant Removal
View Details
Knee Surgery
View Details
Shoulder Arthroscopy
View Details
Rotator Cuff Surgery
View Details
Knee Arthroscopy
View Details
Knee Replacement
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Hip Replacement
View Details
Shoulder Ligament Repair
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Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)
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Doctors at Sikarin Hospital

Dr. Sakda  Suwanwattanakul
Dr. Sakda Suwanwattanakul
  • Specialist in cardiology
  • Graduated in medicine (MD) from Thammasat University, Thailand
  • Diploma in internal medicine from the Thai Board of Internal Medicine
  • Diploma in cardiology from the Thai Board of Cardiology
Dr. Rabiab  Paksung
Dr. Rabiab Paksung
  • Specialist in general dentistry
  • Graduated in dentistry from Chulalongkorn University
Dr. Rung  Komolhiran
Dr. Rung Komolhiran
  • Specialist in ENT
  • Graduated from Mahidol University, Ramathibodi Hospital
Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT)
Dr. Vichai  Viriyautsahakul
Dr. Vichai Viriyautsahakul
  • M.D., Faculty of Medicine, Mahidol University, Ramathibodi Hospital
  • Diploma of The Thai Board of Internal Medicine, Chulalongkorn University
  • Gastroenterology,M.D., Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn UniversityMaster of Science, M.D., Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University
  • Double - Balloon Enteroscopy -Video - Capsule Endoscopy -Spiral Enteroscopy
Bariatric Surgery Gastroenterology
Dr. Jeeranun  Wanawannawin
Dr. Jeeranun Wanawannawin

Specialist : Gynecology

Qualifications :

  • Mahidol University, Siriraj Hospital
Dr. Thongchai  Chatyingmongkol
Dr. Thongchai Chatyingmongkol

Specialist : Internal Medicine

Qualifications :

  • M.D., Faculty of Medicine, Divine Word University, Philippinesl
  • 1.Diploma of The Thai Board of Internal Medicine, Rajavithi Hospital
    2. Diploma of Family Medicine
Internal Medicine
Dr. Supawat  Hongsakron
Dr. Supawat Hongsakron
  • Specialist in ophthalmology
  • Graduated from Mahidol University, Thailand
  • Also studied occuloplastic and reconstructive surgery at Mahidol University
Dr. Direk  Charoenkul
Dr. Direk Charoenkul

Qualifications :

  • M.D., Faculty of Medicine, Mahidol University, Ramathibodi Hospital
  • Phramongkutklao Collage of Medicine
Dr. Rungkit  Tanjapatkul
Dr. Rungkit Tanjapatkul
  • Singapore 2010:
    • AO Fellow (Maxillofacial Surgery) 1st Craniofacial Distraction Osteogenesis Maxillofacial Surgery
    • The 6th International Workshop on Surgical Tec. In Cleft Lip & Palate
  • June 1, 2004 - May 31, 2006: Residency Plastic Surgery, Chulalongkorn University Medical Center, Bangkok, Thailand
  • June 1991 - May 1996: M.D. (doctor of medicine), Chiangmai University School of Medicine, Chiangmai, Thailand
  • Medical Council (Thailand) 1996 License no.21995
Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery
Dr. Soysuwan  Bunnasathiansri
Dr. Soysuwan Bunnasathiansri

Specialist : Reproductive Medicine

Qualifications :

  • Mahidol University, Ramathibodi Hospital
  • Reproductive Medicine,Mahidol University, Ramathibodi Hospital
Reproductive Medicine
Dr. Jiraroch  Meevassana
Dr. Jiraroch Meevassana
  • Specialist plastic surgeon
  • Procedures include: rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, breast augmentation, body contouring and liposuction
  • Observation Fellowship at Beaumont Hospital, US
  • Member of the Medical Council of Thailand
  • Member of the Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons of Thailand
Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery
Dr. Montian  Marutkarakul
Dr. Montian Marutkarakul
  • M.D., Faculty of Medicine,Mahidol University, Siriraj Hospital
  • Diploma of The Thai Board of Surgery, Mahidol University, Siriraj Hospital
  • Laparoscopic Surgery, Mahidol University, Ramathibodi Hospital
  • ERCP, Mahidol University, Ramathibodi Hospital
  • LGI, Leeds, U.K.Gastrointestinal Cancer Treatment-NCC (National Cancer Center)
Dr. Surassawadee  Monotaya
Dr. Surassawadee Monotaya
  • M.D., Faculty of Medicine, M.D., Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University
  • Diploma of The Thai Board of Internal Medicine, M.D., Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University Master of Science, Chulalongkorn University
  • Diploma of The Thai Board of Gastroenterology, Chulalongkorn University
Dr. Trai  Promsang
Dr. Trai Promsang
  • Specialist orthopaedic surgeon, including sports injury and key-hole surgery
  • 500+ ACL and shoulder surgeries
  • Member of Thai Royal College of Orthopaedic Surgeons
  • National lecturer for Sports Medicine Surgery
Dr. Yongkiat Thanacharoenpanich
Dr. Yongkiat Thanacharoenpanich

Education and Qualifications

  • Doctor of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine,
  • Srinakharinwirot University, 2008

  • Diplomat of the Thai Board of Plastic and
  • Reconstructive Surgery, 2017

    Professional Experience

  • Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon at
  • Mettapracharak Hospital, 2017-present

    Professional Membership

  • Medical Council of Thailand since 2008
  • Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons of
  • Thailand

    Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery
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    Kateklao Ruenphakbuth

    04 July 2018
    1. Come to the hospital at 4 am because of the heat chill. Can not walk After leaving the car there was a man in front of the door. Do not ask for a word that needs a wheelchair. Filed before treatment is very long. There are a few nurses and some patients who can not wait. It will take a long wait. I'm waiting in the chair. Because I can not wait. If you do not bring a blanket, it's worse. I want to improve and take care of patients who come to the doctor in more emergency. If he does not usually go to the doctor in time. The procedure before the doctor makes sense like coming to the government hospital. Do not come to a private hospital. We came to a private hospital because we needed care. More and more Other private hospitals will ask if they need a wheelchair. Need a bed? And time to register before waiting for a faster and better medical care. 2. After admit, a nurse has been diagnosed with a chronic illness. And when to see a doctor. And there are drugs to eat. Can a doctor treat a concomitant disease at the same time? The doctor asked for the disease and the name of the doctor and then quietly asked again 1-2 times quietly. There is no notice that the treatment can be treated. Do not take other medications (other private hospitals will treat the same medication). 3. Food The patient has been asked whether the food menu can be selected or not. The hospital said that the food according to the nutrition department, patients will be fed the same. To fit the patient. You can choose whether to accept rice or rice. It is a rice. After the change, also get all the rice gruel. If you can not change it, 4. Acknowledge the results of the examination by the physician. Sometimes, the question is not the result. I do not know what to say, but the patient wanted to know about their illness. The doctor answered the question clearly.) 5. Other nurses care. Beaming Patient room is comfortable. Night nurse walking is not often make sleep sleep well.
    rujida sununchaikarn

    02 July 2018
    Very kind hearted Pay attention All staff are quite good. Okay, better than any restaurant I've ever been to. Do not disappear. Very detailed and very kind. Social Security + Personal Insurance I did not lose anything. Recommend social insurance here. Used with private insurance.
    Sorra K

    01 July 2018
    Great service mind. But not appreciated with insurance claimed service. Very very unprofessional!!!!!! They took very long time for processing (more than 4 hrs) from 11am to 2pm, they just told me that my policy company has system error but they need to send fax again but why they just know at 2 pm. Normally the processing is about 1hr, why they are not check and now almost 4pm, I'm still stuck in the hospital. Finished on 4pm by I called to follow them and there is no any apologize from them. They should come to talk with me once I clear document but no one do it. Here is good DR, nurse and customer service. Please IMPROVE YOUR INSURANCE SERVICE STAFF!!!!!!
    chokechai phenwageekun

    18 June 2018
    This is a good one. This is the first time I have ever had a baby. I am sorry for the money 1700 per day because I keep in building 1 with 2 rooms as well. Service like The price is very good. Building 1 5300 per day Building 2 7000 per day I will put 555 in this price of the hospital room expensive than the 555 to maintain health with it. I have many times offline.
    khunwor baisri

    06 June 2018
    modern hospital
    Wi S

    05 June 2018
    The doctor is very kind to listen patiently. You and your assistant Warm and cheerful. The rest of the room is the room on the right side of the room, the bed is moved to the sound of the room to wake up to wake up in the late night.
    Wanwanat Sittiwongworakul

    05 June 2018
    It is well received and well attended by both doctors and nurses. The housewife with it And if it is expected in the future, it will be used here again.
    Thungthong Bimratch

    05 June 2018
    Good service and care
    nitipong sriraphan

    04 June 2018
    Doctor Teerapon good service. Facilitation facilities may also need to be improved. Especially the waiting room in front of the examination room. With moving The seat is not enough. The weather is hot due to the sunlight. Should improve in this offline.
    khunkanom kanomwarn

    31 May 2018
    Thio M.

    30 May 2018
    Good service and caring for every processes.

    29 May 2018
    I had migraine last week and got to meet Dr.Valaiphan. She was so nice and clearly explain about my symptom.
    suphachai limchaikit

    29 May 2018
    It is a family. (Father, mother + two sons), Sikarin for many years. The development of the service and the building, including the service. The doctor who treats it continuously is advised very well. I have to take care of good help offline. Overall, it was very satisfying. There is an offer in the OPD section of the child should have space for children to play a specific proportion. Today's children will run. Some of the seats are waiting to see the doctor. Interference by intention.
    Lessya Hb

    29 May 2018
    The doctor said that he was a vet in the cornea. I do not know why. But enough to maintain here and strictly follow the doctor's advice. The eye drops taking medication from the place of treatment for almost a year does not heal. I'm here to stay. I do not have to use eye drops. I just use artificial tears when I feel dry eyes. Very good
    Marc Glickman

    28 May 2018
    This has been my 2nd surgery at Sikarin this year. The 1st was liposuction with Dr. Teerapat and the 2nd was eye surgery with Dr Thummanoon. Superb plastic surgeons both with a terrific sense of humor. The staff as previously experienced was excellent. “White glove” treatment And totally thrilled with my results. Definitely a 1st class Hospital that I totally recommend
    Susan R

    28 May 2018
    Very good, very nice service.
    Toonnie Dissy

    27 May 2018
    The service is very good. Customer Care Doctors pay close attention to patients.
    Pitchaya Boonma

    26 May 2018
    Patient care is very good. Nurses serve as pediatric patients as if they were their own children. The room is clean and well maintained. But good to have health insurance. The difference is paid. It is satisfactory. If the next time health is negative. I'm sure that the power is here.
    Thanawit Suwichakorn

    26 May 2018
    Comfortable and good service
    Khun Suai Chris

    24 May 2018
    My children are always well treated with kind staff and knowledgeable doctors of Sikarin hospital. Thank you very much!
    tik otaganonta

    17 May 2018
    Nice hospital with modern facilities & friendly services. Prices are medium-high but acceptable. Its canteen Sikarn serves good food at ok prices. Starbuck, S&P and Top Supermarket sit conveniently nearby.
    arkomfes NY

    12 May 2018
    Generally ok.
    Kurtis Kaspar

    03 May 2018
    Great hospital. All doctors and most nurses can speak English. Reception excellent staff for greeting foreigners. Parking and traffic getting in and out of the hospital terrible (otherwise it would be 5 stars)

    26 April 2018
    Kind service, fair on chraging. Probably one of the best hospitals inThailand.
    Yau Andy

    17 April 2018
    Great for medical check up
    Theresa Markle

    12 April 2018
    Wonderful modern hospital. No waiting. Was given an Interpreter/guide immediately upon arrival. Registration took less than a minute. I saw the ophthalmologist within 10 minutes of walking through the front door. I would absolutely return.
    Kit Kim

    10 April 2018
    Suitable for foreign patients
    Tayland Haberleri

    09 April 2018
    Good services, speaking English doctors will make u feel like u r at home.. if you are looking a hospitals will take care of u. This is hospital you should come. Price is affordable, they are using new technology material.
    Henoch Hariyanto

    23 March 2018
    Too complicated for make appointment with a doctor. Operator cannot speak english and must wait for intepreter/translator to call back. also must wait for call back because need to wait for confirmation from related dept. Look like Sikarin Hospital dont have centralize system for their management
    Alexander William Dawson

    16 January 2018
    This hospital is completely money driven with little care towards patients. Nurses laugh together during procedures and create a negative, awkward atmosphere. Avoid this place if possible.
    Tamà Kôôn

    03 July 2017
    Friendly services, But they save wrong name for me.

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