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Heart Surgery - Si Racha, Pattaya

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Chaiya T

23 May 2018
All International & Thai patients are Welcome. Especially Japanese patients :)
Giuseppe Guermandi

17 April 2018
The service is good but prices are too high and it's not understandable why. I had a visit with a doctor 3 years ago and she wasn't able to diagnose me an diverticulitis! Come on!
varosit xp

22 February 2018
I went to this hospital several times for vaccination, physical checkup, OPD treatment and even admission. The nurses are welcoming and so friendly. The doctors are polite,kind, and informative. The price is high but worth to pay for. i love this hospital.
Paitaya Puenpatom

21 February 2018
I had an appointment earlier this week with eye doctor here. I was quickly diagnosed with infection and prescibed eye drop. It quickly went away. Thank you Samitivej Sriracha.
Vichkhun d.

20 February 2018
I live in Sriracha for 11 years ,and I can say this is the best hospital in this area. Doctors are specialists in their field supported with qualified service system and friendly nurse. I meet many solutions for health problem here.
SreeRameyaw Vellanki

18 February 2018
we are from india my unkle admitted in this hospital due to just chest pain, as he was a tourist they have to airlift the patient but they did treatment for 1 week. pt underwent unconscious immediately within 10 mins after treatment and they continued treatment for 1 week, they just gave first day report after that they didn't gave any reports whatsgoing on each every day what medicines they used for 1 week.its totally irresponsible they just gave death certificate with cause of reason for death. as we are Indians they to translate in english and have to submit total medical file.because of this we are suspecting quality of treatment they have done because good cooperative conscious patient underwent coma after treatment.
Wutthiwat Woraphakrueangchai

24 October 2017
It was great services quite fast but they can do it better.
sigurd hoeines

03 July 2017
Very good service. Doctor and nurse very good. and take care of pasient 100 % I higly recomend this hospital

20 June 2017
I'm here since yesterday because I'm got influenza. This hospital conditions are quite good. The doctors and nurse are polite and they always take care you very well. Today I'm get better because of their professional analysis that why I recovered very fast. This hospital should you the first place when you get some illness. The prices is balance with the service that they provide to us.

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