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Hair Loss Treatment - Watthana, Bangkok

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Dr. Prima Tossaborvorn
Dr. Prima Tossaborvorn

With an outstanding profile and reputation in the field of hair transplants, Dr. Prima is certified by the internationally recognised American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS), making her only one of 10 surgeons in Thailand to achieve this. She’s also an associate member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) and has a master’s degree in Clinical Dermatology from Cardiff University, UK.

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07 September 2019
Good service and standard of work but not perfect for me.
Graeme Davin

02 January 2019
Pris Tima seems to be very straight down line with your hairloss concerns and tells you realistically what can be done and the best way to go about. Just do your research and you will find hairsmith doesn't promise the world, but promises the best for your hairloss concerns.
David Road

24 October 2018
And I have not even visited the clinic yet! I am from Sydney and have been tossing up between Turkey and Thailand. Been chatting via email with Pris and to be honest, so far Hairsmith Clinic seems the best choice. They have not made unrealistic promises. Having read others reviews I am about 100% certain I am going to go with this clinic. Hope to visit next year and will provide an update.

26 September 2018
FUE Procedure: 27 - 29 August 2018 After being recommended several professional hair restoration clinics in Bangkok, I settled on having a consultation at Hairsmith Clinic Bangkok to discuss which procedure would meet my hair expectations. Doctor Prima and the Clinics Manager Pris gave me reasonable assurance and provided rational answers consistent with my research in highlighting the pros and cons of having FUE (which I decided having) versus alternative procedures they also provide. Hairsmith Clinic proved to be first class in every respect from my initial consultation to my post-operative assistance. They have stylish, comfortable premises with a friendly and professional team who make you feel relaxed and confident at every stage and at a cost much less than if I had it done in Perth, Australia but most importantly to me, without sacrificing Quality. Bear in mind that each restoration procedure outcome will be dependent on individual needs and expectations but thankfully my FUE operation went without problem due to the highly trained and skilled doctor and her experienced team. I strongly recommend them on all levels of customer satisfaction; quality, price and service delivery. A big thank you to Dr Prima, Kris and all the Hairsmith team who provided such professional service. A special thank you to Kim who looked after me right throughout procedure day where nothing was too much trouble and every post-operative step was explained in a detailed and sincere way to ensure my recovery will be trouble free. Regards Frederick Maseyk, Perth, Western Australia
Cesar Maiczak

01 May 2018
Receding hair is one of the first signs of aging, specially on men. I was planning vacations in Thailand for the first time with my best friend and having the hair procedure was on our list. Hairsmith Clinic have amazing and dedicated staff. From the initial online contacts till the very end and even after all was done, everyone is very attentive and helpful. If you are a foreigner like me, they can help you with reservations at the close by hotel and also airport transfers. It is very, very convenient. The clinic is clean and I felt safe. The procedure does not hurt (only the initial anesthetics are a bit uncomfortable). The technique used is very interesting and I am very happy with the results. The price is also very attractive as the same procedure can cost up to three times more in my country (Brazil). I definitely recommend Hairsmith Clinic to anyone who would like to have younger and healthier looking hair.
Sarah Firman

28 March 2018
What an amazing experience from pre-op to post-op 5 star service all the way. Great friendly informative staff. Looking forward to the next stage. Back home 8 days later all is well. Thankyou everyone Sarah and Brian ��
Athipat Strich Giegie

13 March 2018
Good quality, plus sincerity is an important element that makes you decide to pick up a service without lady... investing with what will happen to your personality and confidence is at risk.. But I'm sure more than 100 % that I don't. Disappointed with doctor and hairsmith, of course, because of the first step that came in, every question of mine has answers and is every answer that creates confidence to me. After from now, doctor and team will change my life to be better.
Jinfa Zhang

13 March 2018
At the clinic, the atmosphere is very good, doctor is cute, answering questions for a long time, clear from studying about growing hair so long to end up with a clinic. And you know I'm not too serious.
Sorasak Mocasak

21 February 2018
Good consultation. Very Professional. Important. Price is not expensive. I want to have friends who are hesitant. Try to consult with khun doc. I won't be disappointed.
Micheal O'Gorman

08 February 2018
Just finished my treatment and cannot thank the staff enough. Thanks to all in the clinic!
Sam Pat

06 October 2017
One of the few Hair clinics which is run by a medical professional and provides SMP service. The whole SMP operation is supervised by a medically trained doctor. The clinic is hygienically clean, well equipped and meets medical standard. The equipment used such as the needle is steriled and had not been reused. The ink used is of high quality to ensure no long term ill effects. The operation is carried out by a technician who performs the operation well to suit individual client's scalp contour and appearance. The technician will go into great details for the result to look good overall on each individual client rather than just focus on the bald spot. For such a high quality operation, the price is very competitive. They even can accommodate your time frame so that the operation can be finished on your time schedule. Very impressive overall and will not be hesitated to recommend to anyone.

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