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Dokter di New York Center for Facial Plastic & Laser Surgery

Dr. Andrew Jacono
Dr. Andrew Jacono

Andrew Jacono, M.D., F.A.C.S. is a global authority in the field of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, and is often called upon by colleagues and media around the world to provide his expert opinion. As one of New York City’s premiere plastic surgeons, Dr. Jacono is known for his original, advanced approach to non-surgical and minimally invasive facial rejuvenation with flawless, yet natural results. His current patient base consists of prominent American and international socialites, television news personalities, editors, models, actors, actresses and everyday men and women interested in rejuvenating their appearance.

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Sophia S.

20 August 2019
I recently had a facelift by Dr. Jacono, who was recommended by my friend. I am so happy I listened to her recommendation and trusted him with my face. Dr. Jacono did an absolute fantastic job- 20 years are gone! I highly recommend Dr. Jacono to everyone who is contemplating facial surgery. I absolutely love this doctor.
Adelina M.

05 August 2019
Dr. Jacono performed my rhinoplasty this summer, and it was the best decision I ever made! From the moment I met Dr. Jacono I knew he was the person I wanted for my surgery. Not only is he kind and charismatic but he took the time to listen to my concerns, which was very reassuring. I trusted him 100% and in return, he was able to turn my vision of a perfect nose into a reality!! He is truly gifted in his expertise and knows how to make people look like the best version of themselves. He was able to help me overcome an insecurity I've dealt with for years, and now I feel so happy !!
Danielle V.

22 July 2019
After having endured two prior unsuccessful procedures, I was beginning to feel I would never be happy with my nose and ultimately my face. I was afraid to do this for the third time but the pain and depletion of my self confidence was unbearable. Finally, being referred to Dr. Jacono was a light at the end of the tunnel. He listened to me respectfully and instinctively knew how to fix my nose. The results are perfect and I love how his skill has made me feel when I look in a mirror. I never thought I'd say that. If you're reading and this and are unsure of who to trust with your FACE, go for a consultation with Dr. Jacono. He changed my life.
Mary M.

10 June 2019
Dr Jacono and his staff rolled back the clock by at least 15 years. My results are incredible. His staff and the facilities were top notch. The staff were so compassionate and catered to all of my questions and concerns. Dr Jacono personally seen me for several visits following my surgery to make sure everything was on track!
Jaimy H.

14 May 2019
I had a neck and lower face lift about 10 years ago and needed a refresh. I met with 4 plastic surgeons and chose Dr. Jacono due to reputation and personality. He and the staff are extremely attentive and caring. My results are spectacular after only 2 mos although I am told there is still some minor swelling of scars that will continue to improve; although I do not notice that. I do not look like I had “work” done; just look younger and refreshed. Now I love looking at my neck and jaw line. I highly recommend Dr. Jacono and I will continue going to him for non-surgical procedures as well.
Dean S.

16 April 2019
Dr. Andrew Jacono is not only a gifted plastic surgeon, but he is a caring and compassionate human being. I have been a patient of Dr. Jacono for at least 8 years and I finally decided it was time for something more than injectables. I went to several plastic surgeons for consults , but ultimately I decided Dr. Jacono was the one for me. His reputation precedes him, and over the last 8 years of not only seeking his medical advice and expertise I have come to know him as a person. He takes an interest in his patients as people and learns about their lives. It is this attention to detail as a surgeon and as person that enables him to achieve such amazing results. I have complete confidence in him and highly recommend him.

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