Leonard Grossman, M.D.

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Pengobatan Bow Legs
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Bow Legs Treatment - Brooklyn, New York

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Pengobatan Bow Legs di Leonard Grossman, M.D.

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Pengobatan Bow Legs
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Dr. Leonard Grossman
Dr. Leonard Grossman

Dr. Leonard Grossman is the founder of New York Center for Plastic Surgery, which is a Joint Commision Accredited Surgery Center in New York. He completed his medical degree at the New York Medical College and Plastic Surgery Residency at Baylor, Scott and White Memorial Hospital in Texas, fellowship in Microsurgery at Montefiore Hospital. Dr. Grossman utilizes Ultrasound and Power Assisted Liposuction technology that allows difficult areas on the body to achieve excellent results with minimal down time. Dr. Grossman is one of the first plastic surgeons to investigate and incorporate the Renuvion skin and tissue tightening technology in his practice. Dr. Grossman is the most experienced in Transumbilical Breast Augmentation (TUBA) technique, as he has been performing as his Celebrity Choice for breast augmentation since 1996. In 1993 Dr. Grossman became one of the first plastic surgeons in the world to utilize fat grafting for facial rejuvenation, breast augmentation with fat, calf augmentation with fat and Brazilian Butt lift.

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Bashkimmggy S.

14 August 2019
Great facility. The staff there is amazing Dr Grossman is if not the best at what he does. I would definitely recommend them and use them again if I needed to. If you're not sure go there for a consultation and they will explain everything to you.
Ariadna M.

06 August 2019
I will always be grateful I found Dr. Grossman And stuff they're incredibly professional and heartwarming, they helped me every step of the way procedure was fast from my point of view, little to no bruising, walk out of there like nothing happened! I went back to my regular routine the very next day! I totally and completely recommend him. THE BEST PART OF ALL, THE RESULTS EXCEEDED MY EXPECTATIONS!!!!
Raisa K.

19 June 2019
I could not be more happy with the result and would highly recommend Dr. Grossman to anyone looking to enhance their appearance. His work is great! You can't get a more professional and talented surgeon. He spends as much time as you need for peace of mind with patience and kindness. Thank you Dr. Grossman and your great staff!
Thuy H.

18 June 2019
Had TUBA procedure done with Dr. Grossman three months ago, I am extremely happy with the results!! Doctor Grossman is amazing! Highly recommended!!! I had absolutely no difficulties or pain post surgery and was able to return back to my daily activities next day. I will definitely be coming back for other procedures if needed. Thank you doctor and staff!!!!
Paul N.

10 June 2019
3 month post review. I don’t want to say to much for privacy concerns however Dr Grossman is a great doctor. I only wish their were more plastic surgeons like him as I had to travel 4 hours to see him. My results are exactly what he told me to be, no false advertisement completely satisfied. Thank you doc for your honesty, patience and dedication to giving me actually what I wanted.
Anna K.

20 March 2019
Best Plastic Surgeon in town! Staff is very professional and nice! Office and surgical space is excellent! I did Breast Augmentation and J-Plasma on Arms and couldn't be happier with my results! Absolutely amazing!

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