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Simple Orchiectomy Worldwide

Orchiectomy is a surgical procedure to remove one of both testicles. It is called unilateral simple orchiectomy when only one testicle is removed. When both testicles are removed, it is known as bilateral orchiectomy. The procedure is commonly performed as a treatment for testicular cancer. It can also be done to treat other cases, such as testicular torsion, advanced prostate cancer, severe trauma, and as part of sex reassignment surgery. Simple orchiectomy is a simple procedure that only takes about 30 minutes to finish. With simple orchiectomy, one or both testicles are removed through a small cut in your scrotum.

The procedure is done under local anesthesia or epidural anesthesia. Your surgeon will lift the penis and tape it to the abdomen. They will then make an incision on your scrotum area and one or both testicles are cut out from the surrounding tissues and vessels, and removed through the incision. Then, the incision is closed with two layers of sutures and covered with surgical dressing. Your surgeon will likely use stitches that will dissolve on their own. A prosthetic testicle can be inserted before the incision is closed to present an aesthetic outward appearance of a pre-surgical scrotum. It is an outpatient procedure, so you can go back to your hotel on the same day. Nevertheless, you will have to stay in the hospital for 1 day as your initial recovery. Plan to stay in Worldwide for several days as you will have to attend regular check-ups. 

In general, the recovery period may take about a month. You may feel pain for the first two weeks, and you should not do any strenuous activities. Your surgeon will prescribe pain medications to help you with the discomfort. Simple orchiectomy has a high success rate, but you should be aware of its consequences, including immediate loss of fertility, decreased libido, anemia, fatigue, and fever.

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