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Sex Reassignment Surgery (Female To Male) in Surin

Sex Change Operation or Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS) treat gender dysphoria and changes transgender people’s physical appearance to their identified gender. There are two stages to Female to Male SRS: top surgery and bottom surgery. Top surgery involves mastectomy to remove the breasts and provide shaping of a male-like contoured chest. Bottom surgery includes metoidioplasty (increase the length of the clitoris), phalloplasty (production of a penis), scrotoplasty (production of the scrotum), and hysterectomy (removal of the uterus). The surgery is commonly preceded by hormone treatment with testosterone. 

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and the top and bottom surgeries are done differently. The surgeon will do a mastectomy to shape a male contoured chest. Then, the female reproductive organs are removed. Once it is done, procedures for the construction of male reproductive organs can start. SRS is a long procedure that involves a number of surgeries. Top surgery normally takes two to three hours and bottom surgery takes eight to ten hours and a patient may need to stay in the hospital for more than three days

Allow a minimum of 14 days to stay in the Surin after the surgery because the patient’s health conditions will need to be monitored regularly. The stitches are removed after 10 to 14 days. The recovery period may be painful and pain-killers are given to deal with the pain. Patients need to rest for 2 weeks before going back to work. However, avoid doing strenuous activity and exercise for around four to six weeks after bottom surgery. It is vital to strictly follow the surgeon’s aftercare recommendation. The success rate of this procedure is very high, with 97% of people to have found its result satisfactory. Most of the alternatives to this procedure are not permanent, such as hormone replacement therapy, psychological counseling, and altering physical appearance.

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