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Laser Hair Removal in Jordan

Shaving, plucking, or waxing to remove unwanted hairs from your body can be time consuming and painful. Fortunately, with the development of technology, now you can remove unwanted hair with laser. Laser hair removal is a procedure that aims to remove hairs from your body permanently. This procedure can be done on any area of your body except on your eyelids. Armpits, upper lip, legs, and bikini lines are the most common body areas where people want to get rid of unwanted hair. Before the procedure, you need to schedule a consultation where you and your doctor can discuss your expectation as well as the possible risks that may happen. 

During the procedure, your doctor will press a hand-held laser device to the skin area where your unwanted hair is located. The laser equipment will be adjusted according to the color, thickness, the area of the hair, as well as your skin color. Your doctor may also give you topical anesthesia to reduce your discomfort. You will be asked to wear eye protection to protect your eyes from the laser beam. The strong laser beam from the device will destroy the hair follicles to prevent hair growth. 

Laser hair removal for small areas such as the upper lip only takes a few minutes to finish. However, for larger areas, the procedure can take one hour or more. Once the procedure is finished, you can go home on the same day and you don't have to stay in the Jordan any longer than you wanted to. The recovery period for this procedure is relatively short. You will be advised to apply cool compress and moisturizer to the treated area, which will help you with the discomfort. The success rate for this procedure is around 90%, and the average people do the procedure for 3 to 6 sessions until they get the results they wanted.

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